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It does not matter where you are coming from, what your birthplace is, who your parents are, and where you went to school. All that matters is your goals in life and what you are trying to achieve. Most modern millionaires have created their empires from scratch, step by step. All they had at the beginning of their journey is a dream or an idea, and they have dared to chase it in spite of the innumerable hurdles they were forced to face along the way. 

Humble beginnings

Saar Pilosof was born to an average middle-class family in a small town in the northern part of Israel. His father was an orthopedic surgeon in the local hospital, and his mother worked as a civil engineer for a middle-sized company. Both of his parents were nine to five employees, each of them in his own area of specialty. In no case were they considered wealthy people. Nevertheless, they were respected members of the local community and actively participated in municipal activities. 

Saar Pilosof made his parents always proud, bringing home excellent grades from the very beginning of his school days. Truth must be said, nothing less was expected from him, as he was coming from a well-educated family, where academic accomplishments were an integral part of his upbringing.

Early Insights

Saar Pilosof used to observe his parents and their way of life from the sidelines. 

From an early age, he realized that his parents are constantly busy while trying desperately to juggle between their careers and their family life. It seemed to him that no matter how hard they worked, they had to continue their working lifestyle every single day in order to keep up with the endless number of monthly bills, as well as other financial obligations. There was no visible light at the end of the tunnel. 

Struck by Lightning

At the age of 12, everything had changed. Saar Pilosof remembers this age as the turning point of his life. His father`s best friend had gifted him for his birthday the book, that according to Saar Pilosof, has changed the course of his entire life.

The name of the book was “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and the author was no other than

Robert Kiyosaki.

Important Lessons 

After finishing the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” in one breath, within less than seventy-two hours, Saar Pilosof realized a few important things. The first one was that one must not earn a high income in order to become rich. Rich people know how to make money work for them and not the other way around. The second lesson he learned from the book was that people like his parents, middle-class W2 employees, will always have to work for money. He was convinced, already back then, that he did not want to end up like his parents. He wanted something else from his life, he dreamed big, and although he did not know yet how he would achieve his goals, he knew with certainty that he would somehow figure it out.

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