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Sometimes all it takes is one grown-up who places his faith in a kid. When that happens, there is no limit to what this child may achieve. Many studies had already shown that in order to raise successful and self-confident children who will eventually become even more successful and self-confident adults, children should not only receive proper education but should also be surrounded by adults who can serve as role models or mentors.

The Role Models in Saar Pilosof`s Life

As Saar Pilosof had already mentioned multiple times during his interview, he was lucky enough to have a few mentors in his life. He likes to compare himself to Robert Kiyosaki in the sense that he, too, had a rich dad and a poor dad. His real dad, the respected physician, one of the most educated people he ever knew, the one who worked his entire life relentlessly, was still somehow the poor one.

The other dad, his father`s best friend, the successful entrepreneur, the person who seemed to enjoy his life while making millions of shekels, was evidently the rich dad.

Sweet 16 

When Saar Pilosof turned 16, he started to work for his father`s best friend, Daniel.

Daniel was a successful businessman, a proud owner of a few companies, and he truly liked Saar. Daniel realized from the get-go that Saar has great potential to become a successful entrepreneur and decided to help him achieve his goals.


Starting Point

That is when Saar`s real education had begun. Daniel also had a son, Amir,  who was also 17 years old and was about to inherit Daniel’s empire. Daniel wanted to make sure that everything he built would stay in good hands and started to prepare Amir by taking him everywhere with him. Saar was invited to join them and was grateful for this opportunity beyond words.

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