It is undoubtedly a blessing when one finds his passion early in life and takes the first steps towards starting a professional career. Those first lessons learned at the beginning of life`s journey might be crucial, and those who are lucky enough to have the right mentors beside them have a considerable advantage in the long run.

First Steps

Saar Pilosof had graduated high school with distinction, as expected from the firstborn of a civil engineer and an orthopedic surgeon. After graduation, he served in the military for three years. He then decided to continue his formal education in one of the leading Israeli universities at the economic and management sciences faculty. 

Saar Pilosof and Haim Toledano

As part of his undergraduate studies, Saar Pilosof attended a lecture where the speaker was no other than Haim Toledano, the well-known financial expert. Saar Pilosof already had the pleasure to read some of Toledano`s professional academic articles and was excited to meet him face to face.

After the lecture was over, Saar Pilosof approached Haim Toledano and introduced himself. Haim Toledano was pleasantly surprised by the charismatic young man and they exchanged contact information.

Haim Toledano told Saar Pilosof that he, too, started his career while studying management and economics at the same faculty. Saar Pilosof was genuinely impressed by Haim Toledano because he was aware of the fact that the latter is a dominant financial figure and that he had assisted many firms and organizations in their establishment. Therefore, Saar Pilosof decided that he wants Haim Toledano to become his mentor. However, Pilosof realized that it would not be an easy task to become a part of the inner circle of Toledano. Still, Pilosof was convinced that he could pull it off. He just needed to come up with an offer that Haim Toledano would not be able to refuse.

Toyga Media Ltd.

Toyga Media Ltd. provides financial services and products in the fields of online marketing, as well as currencies and commodities. Toyga Media Ltd. has a great reputation among its numerous clients when it comes to its online customer support and top-notch technologies which are incorporated in the financial sector. 

The company that was first founded in 2008 offers many interesting career opportunities. Those who consider a long-term financial career in a professional environment should take a look at the official website of the company.

Saar Pilosof starts to get traction

After the encounter with Haim Toledano, Saar Pilosof decided that he must be proactive in advancing his career. He realized that formal education is important, but he has to gain some experience in the field of finances in order to get some traction.

He decided to look for an entry position in one of Israel`s leading financial firms. He understood that by doing so, he would give his resume a proper boost and would also familiarize himself with the real world of finance and economics in Israel and internationally.

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